Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Ramona Russell

I've been into various multimedia sites such as The Daily Mail and other small-time blogs. I pay significant attention to all the latest trends, may it be in fashion, technology, or social. I'm also a blog moderator and an entrepreneur. I've been in the news industry for over seven years.

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Facebook Cryptocurrency: Facebook building its cryptocurrency under the project ‘Libra’ in Switzerland

Social network giant Facebook enters into Cryptocurrency field by setting up a company called Libra Networks in Switzerland to develop own payment and Blockchain...
Facebook to launch set-up box for video-calling

Facebook to launch smart set-top box for TVs that will support video-calling

The social media giant, Facebook, empowers its vision of connecting people by planning to launch a set-top box with a camera for TVs that...

Google announces TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha, TensorFlow Federated, TensorFlow

Google announces TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha, TensorFlow Federated and new TensorFlow APIs at 2019 TensorFlow Dev Summit. The 2019 TensorFlow Dev Summit was held on March 6 and...

Canada officially legalizes Medical Marijuana nationwide for all adults

In an historic decision today, the Canadian government has legalized sale of marijuana across the nation this Wednesday. With this Canada has become the...
Twitter updates policy and measures over offensive and reported contents

Twitter To Publicly Shame Users Who Post Offensive Tweets

The world’s most popular micro-blogging site, Twitter, had recently made substantial changes in its user policy, specifically on the grounds of how a tweet...