The Division 2: Division 2 School Hunter Location – How to find the Hunter Location


The Division 2 game comes with a new type of boss which is called hunters. If you are fan of The Division 2 then this might excite you. Here we will explore how to find the Hunter Location in The Division 2 game. This comes with a total of four hunters through the game. In this game each these are each level 40 and quite difficult.

Game developers added a quiz which will give you a hunter. In order to release the hunters, gamers need to complete a puzzle. Here we guide you to find the “school” hunter location.

First of all you have to start the puzzle, to start the puzzle head to the laundromat found in the game. Now you have to interact with the machine labeled “23” and with this the floodlights will be turned on red and then fusebox on the right will open up.

Next you have to head to the garage at the location and then you have to get the fuse from the fuse box. Then you have to open the order, for this you need to shoot a yellow box on the back of the building.

You will be able to find the fuse box that you are looking for is inside the garage and it is in the corner of the building. Once you are able to take the fuse, the lights will be turned off.

Now you have to come back to the laundromat and here put the fuse in the fusebox. This is the same room where you interacted with the washing machine earlier. Here you have to interact with the washing machine to get the key of Apartment Number 23.

Now go to upstairs and open the apartment door, you find umbers of the walls. Here you have to interact with them to open the next part.

Now open the follow the path which will lead you to SHD cache, you may find the text “DARE YOU TO COME CLOSER.”  You have to interact with this to continue to the next part. Now you should you’re your way to school on fire with the fire trucks and this step is also dangerous.

You have to interact with these things to get on to the next level and find the Hunter Location

The final steps are hard and you may fail, but you can try again. Good luck to you for this adventures game.