Google Calculator 8.2 brings two-column UI for tablets


The Calculator app from Google is updated to the version 8.2 and its available on the Google Play store. This update comes with the better user interface and can now fit to the bigger screens well. Users having Android phones with bigger screen will be benefited with this update.

After Lens last week, Google Calculator is the next major app to update for tablets and other large-screen Android devices.

Prior to this update, the tablet UI was only the landscape version of the app with additional functionality displayed to the left of the numeric keypad (and basic operations).

With Google Calculator version 8.2, this layout no longer fills the width of the screen. Also, most of these additional functions can be hidden when not needed so that the other keys are shaped like pills instead of circles.

As a result, the “Display” area is larger, while “History” now appears as an always visible left column. Previously, accessing previous calculations required lowering the screen and hiding the keys.

New user interface for tablet

This two-column user interface allows tablet users to enjoy full screen and is quite easy to multitask. Otherwise, this is a simple upgrade and there are no changes to the phone’s UI or landscape. You can even flip your tablet to portrait orientation to use the simple interface.

Calculator 8.2 is being released on the Google Play Store but not yet widely available. You can download it manually in the meantime. Google rarely updates this app with the latest major release of September 2021 featuring the material you draw with dynamic colors.