Micron coming to India – Production to start by December 2024


Semiconductor giant Micron is coming to India, which will bring 80,000 jobs in India. Company will establish its factory in Gujarat state of India. As per the Govt of India announcement, production in the factory will begin by December 2004.

According to the statement by the government of India, first Made-in-India semiconductor chips are expected to come out by December 2024. This is one of the major deals of American Micron with Indian Company. With this deal India is entering into the semiconductors manufacturing space to produce Made-in-India semiconductor chips. World is already looking for the alternatives of China made semiconductors chips, now India will fill the gap. This deal will also reduce India’s dependency on the Chinese semiconductor chips.

American Micron will invest $2.75 for this project and also bring over 200 smaller units to help the industry. This arrangement will create a full ecosystem for the production of semiconductor chips in the country.

As per the authorized statements, Micron will set up its plan in Gujarat. All the pre-activities like planning and land have been completed. All this will bring the first Made-in-India semiconductor chip by December 2024.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar said that Prime Minister Narendra’s Modi’s visit to the US and his meetings with President Joe Biden resulted in this deal, which will bring over an estimated 80,000 new jobs in the Indian market. Ministere further said that major players including Micron, Applied Materials, and Lam Research will collaborate for this project.

Chandrasekhar  further added  “These three investment decisions will create a minimum of 80,000 jobs directly in my estimate and indirectly the numbers could be much higher. More than that, it will be a catalyst to the overall electronics and semiconductor ecosystem.”

“The PM’s vision is to make India a central presence in the global semiconductor value chain. And India is slowly and surely, after 75 years of being totally absent from the semiconductor space, becoming a growing force in the semiconductor ecosystem… from design to talent, and packaging to research and soon-to-be in Fab,” he said.

As per proposal Lam Research is expected to train 60,000 Indian engineers using its Semiverse Solution virtual fabrication platform. Such training will help in accelerating production by producing skilled workforce for semiconductor production.

This deal is considered as a big win for India’s semiconductor mission which will enable it to produce Made-in-India semiconductor chips by December 2024. This deal will make India a semiconductor chip manufacturing country and reduce dependencies on China’s semiconductors.

Micron Technology, Inc. is an American company specialized in the production of semiconductors in the world. Micron is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, which is now coming to India for production of semiconductors in India. Company will set up its new semiconductor assembly and test facility in Gujarat, India. Factory will come into operation by December 2024.

This announcement during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state visit to the US is one of big announcements. The Indian Govt. also signed many other defense deals with the US for new Drones and other military equipment.