Facebook to launch smart set-top box for TVs that will support video-calling

Facebook to launch smart set-top box with video-calling features

Facebook to launch set-up box for video-calling

The social media giant, Facebook, empowers its vision of connecting people by planning to launch a set-top box with a camera for TVs that will enable users to do video-calling.

The set-top box is equipped with a screen, a webcam and a smart speaker. What’s interesting about this innovation from Facebook is the camera’s functionality that aims to spice up how we do video-calling.

It is believed that the camera follows the participants in the room during the video call or conference. And, if someone decides to join the conversation, they will be included in the picture automatically. It sounds interesting isn’t? However, the device will be initially available for the US market for the meantime.

The device uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) available in two versions initially. Both versions will be slightly different by the size of the screen and the speakers.

The cheaper model named the Portal will have a 10-inch display while the more expensive version called Portal Plus sports a 15-inch Full HD screen. Both models have a 12-megapixel camera. In addition to that, both devices can play music and speech recognition through their speakers.

Both devices are likely to roll out in the US market in November with the Portal priced at US$199 and the Portal Plus US$349. In addition to adding a new feature to Facebook, this device may help the social media giant to compete with Apple and Amazon in the television segment.