Saturday, September 23, 2023

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The power of AI Technology to help prevent and treat Mesothelioma cancer

Artificial Intelligence to assist doctors in fast diagnosis of Mesothelioma cancer

The latest development in Artificial Intelligence is the availability of faster computers for processing vast amounts of data, opening a new field in helping medical professionals in...
Facebook to launch set-up box for video-calling

Facebook to launch smart set-top box for TVs that will support video-calling

The social media giant, Facebook, empowers its vision of connecting people by planning to launch a set-top box with a camera for TVs that...

Google launches TensorFlow Constrained Optimization (TFCO) for its popular TensorFlow machine library

Search Engine technology giant launches TensorFlow Constrained Optimization (TFCO), which is a supervised machine learning library for training the machine learning models. This library...
Twitter updates policy and measures over offensive and reported contents

Twitter To Publicly Shame Users Who Post Offensive Tweets

The world’s most popular micro-blogging site, Twitter, had recently made substantial changes in its user policy, specifically on the grounds of how a tweet...
Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch ECG limited to US, but it can be enabled outside

Apple Watch Series 4 comes with the features of ECG recording, and it can be configured to record the Electrocardiogram of the user’s heart....