Google Introduces Removal of Search History and Location Manually


As a part of securing user’s privacy, Google is introducing a new feature on their browser, by which a user can automatically delete their search history and search location. Google, Alphabet Inc’s owned company headquartered in Mountain View, California announced its latest specification on world Labour Day through a blog Post.

According to the new feature, Google allows the user to remove search history and search location from their accounts automatically after a period of time. After the widespread discontent among the users regarding the violation of privacy policy by Face book and the after effect severe criticism leads the Internet Bowser to consider the protection of data that the user went through.

This feature supports the user to select the durability of managing data history from three months to 18 months. The main specialty of this feature is the user can set the expiry date like the finished task in Google owned sites, installation of Android games and apps and chrome browsing history. In fact, Google collects location of the user through the Google search and Maps.

Google designed the tool for the removal of location history and search history in a very simple manner by clicking simply on/off from the Web & App Activity and Location History within few minutes. By which you are enabled to opt delete all or part of data manually.

“ You should be able to manage your data in a way that works best for you  and we are committed to giving you the best controls to make that happen,” Marlo McGriff, Product manager, Google Map reported in the blog.

The blog post also pointed out that, when the user clicks on location history, the data allows the Google to provide more useful information like nearby hotels, shopping centers and the favorable locations that you may want  visit.

At this juncture of hot discussions on user’s privacy, Mark Zuckuberg and his Face book team also in a deep research to implement the special features to protect user information, the CEO has revealed the scope of redesigning of Face book with a great concern over user’s privacy.

Face book has gone through lots of issues on breaching of user’s privacy and faced tremendous criticism over the matter. That was really a painful event for a reputed and globally acknowledged company like Face Book, as it faced more than a dozen investigations. In a press conference the CEO admitted that he knows the company does not have much reputation over the privacy concerns. But the discussions are still going on to regain the reputation and they hope they can achieve this in nearby future by redesigning it.