Top 5 reasons why should we learn Java Programming Language?


Java Programming language is one of the most popular and very robust programming languages for application development. Java is versatile programming language that is used to create cross platform applications of many different types. This programming language provides API and tools to develop applications for desktop, web, mobile and embedded devices. The primary goal of Java was to develop a software system which can work on different platforms without recompilation. These days is used for developing various applications for web, mobile, desktop and embedded devices. Today we will see top 5 reasons of Java popularity and why one should learn Java Programming Language.

There are many programming language these to learn but Java is one of the most used programming language. Other top programming languages are Python, Go, Swift, C++, Scala, C# and other libraries of Machine learning. Programming languages and libraries used for machine learning is also very popular these days. Java, Python and Scala is very popular for developing Apache Spark based machine applications which is used in Big Data environment.

Top 5 reasons why should we learn Java Programming Language?

  1. Java is Platform independent

One of the major reasons for Java popularity and wide spread uses is its platform independence. Java program is written in simple text file with .java extension, which is then compiled into byte code (.class) file. This byte code (.class) file is distributed across the platform which runs on the respective JVM installed on the operating system. Due to popularity of Java and its wide spread use developer should learn Java programming language. These are many high paying jobs are available for the developers having right skills in Java Programming language.

  1. Java is object oriented programming language

Java Programming language is fully object oriented programming language and it supports all the four pillars of OOPs namely Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism. The OOPs concepts allow the developers to make modular, highly scalable and maintainable applications for their client. The OOPs features allow other developers to create and share libraries which can be used in applications very easily.

  1. Java is Open Source

Oracle commercialized Java programming language after version 8 but there is another project with the name of Open JDK which open source and free to use. So, developers and enterprises looking for open source Java then they can use Open JDK for their projects. Developers can download the source code of Open JDK and check its code if necessary. But for general development and deployment of application executable Open JDK is sufficient.

  1. Great collection of Open Source libraries

Java programming language comes with rich set of API for writing applications involving file access, data access, os interaction, web applications and console based applications. There are great collection of open source libraries such as Apache Commons, Google client Java API, Apache POI, Apache commons logging, JDBC libraries and large collection of API’s from various groups. These libraries will help you in developing your applications fast. Most these API’s are open source and distributed as jar files. Further maven build tool can be used with Java projects to automatically download required libraries to include in your project. Vast collection of pre-packaged libraries makes Java application development much easier.

  1. Great community support

There are large numbers of experience developers around the world willing to support through forum, emails and by publishing their tutorials/articles freely on the Internet. As per one estimate there are over 10 millions Java developers around the world working on Java projects of varied complexity. So, as a Java developer you will get tremendous online support through forums and bulletin board.

Resources to learn Java Programming

Professionals around the world are writing books, articles and hand on lessons for learning Java. Beginners can start learning Java programming from these tutorials and books. Here are the top resources to learn Java programming:


Java Programming language is free, open-source; object oriented programming language which is used in industry for application development. There are over 10 million Java Professionals around the world. There is great job market for experienced Java developers having skills in Spring, Hibernate, Big Data and UI application development. New comers should learn Java along with other popular programming languages to make their career in software development. Various online resources and books will help you in learning Java programming language.