Google Stadia launched, service is expected to change the online gaming


Google launched its ambitious online game streaming service, the Google Stadia which is expected to change the online gaming industry. Google made official announcement about its Stadia game streaming service in March this year. Now the service has been released officially in 14 countries for game lovers.

The ambitious Google game streaming service takes the advantage of Google’s vast cloud infrastructure to deliver high quality gaming to the end users. End users don’t need any specialized hardware to run these games.

After huge success in Search, Chrome, and Android, Google launched Stadia gaming service. As per the industry experts this service is going to change the world of gaming in coming years.

Google hopes to bring world class gaming to billions of gamers and most importantly there is no requirement of high configuration desktop to play these games. Only entry level desktop or laptop will work with this service.

To play the Stadia games end user just need Google Chrome browser. Most of the user today uses Google chrome browser to browse the internet. If you don’t have Google Chrome you can download and install on your computer easily.

Google Stadia just need entry level desktop to play the game; now high configuration computer is not needed to play game on Stadia platform.

The Google Stadia will also available for televisions and mobile devices, by this Google is trying to reach vast gamers in the market.

Back in June, Google opened pre-orders for the Stadia Founder’s Edition in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Denmark. Norway, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands. Its release costing was $129, which sold out early in October. There no official information from Google about the sales figures.

With the release of Google Stadia Google is all set to change the way people are playing online gaming. End user just need a desktop and Chrome browse to play game on Stadia platform.