Android 9 Pie on Google Pixel: Over 75% Pixel users are using Android Pie operating system on their Google Pixel Phone

Latest Android 9.0 Pie Adoption rate is high among Pixel Phone.

Android Pie Adoption Rate is high

Adoptions of the new Android operating system among Google Pixel users is very high as compared to other versions and brands of Android phones. As per the Twitter post of Google’s Hardware Chief Rick Osterloh, more than 75% of Google Pixel phone users have already installed Android 9 Pie and uses the latest Android Pie 9 on their device.

In some cases, people are not interested in the new design changes in the latest operating system. Hence, omitting possible updates. So, it’s merely impossible to get 100% adoption rate among the Smartphone users.

However, the adoption rate is very high as compared to the adoption rate of the latest iOS operating system among iPhone users. Official figures revealed only 53% of iOS users updated their iPhones to the latest iOS operating system.

The Google Pixel devices are manufactured by Google, this way Google fully controls the hardware and its operating system. In the case of Pixel mobile phone, Google’s full control of the hardware and software helps them to bring the latest updates to its users fast and timely. With this advantage, all Pixel users may get the latest updates directly from Google quickly.

Last year, Google sold over 3.9 million Pixel smartphones in the market. However, experts believed that the quantity is tiny as compared to the overall Android Phone market.

Google is releasing the latest updates for Pixel phone and bring its users on the latest operating system. The important features of the Android 9 Pie includes indoor navigation with Wi-Fi RTT, Gesture Navigation, Dashboard, App Timer, and many others. As per our verdict, it’s worth for Google Pixel users to update their Pixel phones to least Android Pie 9.0.