Tortoises stealing dog food video goes viral


The video of a tortoise stealing do food in a shopping center goes viral with over 2.7 million views till now. This video was posted in the Twitter account of Paul Bronks @SlenderSherbet on May 5, 2019 with the comment “Security to aisle 7. Shoplifting in progress. There’s no rush.”

Till now there is over 2.7 million views of this video around the world. In the Twitter post one user argued that the tortoise’s action does not come under shoplifting as it hadn’t left the premises. Several users are posting comment on this video.

Some of the users also offered to pay the money for the food that tortoise stole. But there are many types of comments posted by various users on the post.

This video goes viral and was filmed during tortoise was stealing dog food at a store. In this video tortoise is trying to take out dog food from packet and eat.

In a video that is going viral online, a tortoise was filmed eating out of a big sack of dog food in a store. Having ripped the packet of dog food, the tortoise was filmed calmly munched on its contents. The animal was undeterred by the presence of a person filming it in the middle of its ‘illegal’ act.

“Security to aisle 7. Shoplifting in progress. There’s no rush,” tweeted Paul Bronks. The tweet was accompanied by a short clip that left many in splits.

Watch the video in which Tortoises stealing dog food:

This video of tortoise stealing food goes viral and within 2 days it crossed over 2.7 million views. There is plenty of reaction on this video.

Interestingly one user also defends the act and argued that this is not theft. Some users also offered to pay for the food that tortoise consumed.

This video is going viral and millions of users around the world is viewing how tortoise is stealing dog food in the store?

In coming days its views might go very high as more and more people are sharing and commenting upon this video.