Cheap Labour in China driving it’s A.I. Ambitions

China to become a global hub for A.I. innovation by 2030


Artificial Intelligence is future, it comes with the promise to make world much better. China is exploring this opportunity in a much better way. Many companies in China are working on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural network based to solutions to develop innovation in Artificial Intelligence.

China is building global A.I. Empire with many technology companies are already working on the cutting edge technologies. If we see the Google Search trends of TensorFlow then it’s the China reasons where this is being searched more. All the latest technologies in the field of A.I. is being used most in China. If you think China is a country which copied, then think again, China is now working on latest A.I. Technologies and developing innovations in machine learning.

Recently one of the A.I. Company in China showcased A.I. based news anchor which can mimic real news reader in the newsroom. This shows China’s growth in A.I. and machine learning technologies.

Under President Xi Jinping, China came out with the many innovations in the A.I. field. There has been collaboration between A.I. Business and government fueling the growth in A.I. field.  These collaboration aims to make China a global hub for A.I. innovation by 2030.

Cheap labour in China is helping Country to work on the A.I. technologies very fast, small as well as big companies are employing people to working on various tasks based on their skills. Highly qualified engineers are working on the algorithm of A.I. and machine learning projects. They are developing and testing various models.

There are requirements of huge manpower to tag and annotate data. The data collection and tagging is also a big task in machine learning. For example in the videos and photos people has to find out the objects for tagging. Proper and accurate tagging of the images/videos is necessary for very correct model. So, large number of people of such skills is required and China cheap labour’s are helping in A.I. growth in china.

In China many companies and pioneers are working towards development of better solutions in artificial intelligence.

According to the report pioneers like Geoffrey Hinton, Yann LeCun, and Yoshua Bengio – the Enrico Fermis of AI; are working towards global innovation in the A.I. field for china.

US is leader in the world’s innovation while China is gaining the leadership in implementation of A.I. discoveries. So, with the help of latest innovation in USA, China is implementing it for making A.I. enabled solutions for world.

China growth in A.I. technologies is very fast and they are coming up with new products in market.  China government is fully supporting the development of A.I. based solutions.