Flutter 2.0 for cross platform mobile application development


Google recently launched Flutter 2.0, which is an open-source framework for the development of cross platform mobile applications with a single codebase. With the release of Flutter 2.0 Google is targeting developers of all the platforms. Now the developers can use the same code base for the development of cross platform mobile applications.

Google releases Flutter 2.0 with host of features to make high-quality mobile applications for many platforms including iOS, Android. This framework comes with many components and better UI designing for building highly responsive mobile applications.

The release of Flutter 2.0 opens a new field for the development of cross platform mobile applications for clients. This helps in building an app for many devices in one codebase. Every mobile developer should learn the flutter framework.

This framework can be used for developing feature-rich mobile applications, which can be used on web, mobile, desktop and even of any other future devices.

So, it’s a very rich powerful platform mobile developers and every mobile developer should learn Flutter framework.

With the Flutter 2.0, Google open-sourced UI kit that helps in building cross-platform applications. It can also be used for the development of applications for foldable devices.

The Flutter 2.0 was unveiled during I/O conference in 2017, since then it became a very popular framework for high-quality application development.

In December 2018 Google extended the support for Android and iOS application development. Now it can also be used for the development of web apps, MacOS, Linux, Windows along with iOS and Android support.

Flutter is a recent framework and it was in the beta stage till 2019, Now this framework can be used for developing full-fledged cross-platform mobile applications.

This framework is using Google’s on Dart programming language, which makes develops to build apps that feel native to in each platform in runtime.

This framework shares the same code for the entire platform which makes it easy for application development and it also removes the code duplication.

During the designing of the application, there are countless platform-specification considerations and it has to be addressed in application development. Flutter takes many of these heavy activities and developers can concentrate on the development of applications.

Flutter is now a different platform for the development of cross platform apps including Android and iOS.

Google also released Google Mobile Ads SDK which can be used by developers for displaying ads in their applications.

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