Machine Learning Course with Python and TensorFlow 2.0 announced, enrolment process to start today


Machine Learning Course with TensorFlow 2.0 announced which will be delivered online and this online course for learning TensorFlow 2.0 covers extensive topics.

Technology firm Rose India announces online machine learning course to teach TensorFlow 2.0 using Python programming language. This training course is intended to provide enough knowledge to the students on the fast track to help them in mastering newly released TensorFlow 2.0 mathematical computing framework.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is the application of mathematics, data analytics, data processing, programming and other field of science for development of program (called model) which automatically decide based on the data it receives. Machine learning in the IT industry relies on the application of software algorithms mostly the mathematical solution to perform tasks of data analysis and prediction. In machine learning software developer uses various mathematical algorithms for programming a machine that can learn from data.

In machine learning software model learns to perform from the data supplied for learning. In the learning process model is trained with lots of data and then model is saved for further prediction.

Machine Learning technology firm Rose India announced online training course in TensorFlow 2.0 forcing the development of Deep Learning model with latest TensorFlow 2.0 API. According to the statement issued by Company, this course is fast track online training TensorFlow 2.0 course for machine enthusiast and working professionals. This training course will help students in learning the APIs offered by TensorFlow 2.0 for developing, training, testing and deploying last AI applications.

TensorFlow 2.0 online training course teaches the development of deep learning models in Python programming language and with the use of TensorFlow libraries. According to the company statement, Keras library is the last development in machine learning which is included in the TensorFlow 2.0. This course teaches the development of machine learning model with high level Keras libraries which is included in the TensorFlow framework.

Training course highlights:

  • Introduction to Deep Learning and TensorFlow 2.0
  • Why you should learn deep learning and artificial intelligence?
  • What TensorFlow offers to the developers?
  • Learn Python for TensorFlow 2.0 machine learning application development
  • Introduction to various neural network architectures
  • Learning the basics of TensorFlow 2.0 framework
  • Learning to install and use development environment
  • Develop and train machine learning model for image classification
  • Develop CNN and RNN models with TensorFlow 2.0 API
  • Use TensorFlow 2.0 computational engine to solve various real-world problems by developing appropriate machine learning model
  • Learn to use Google Colab for developing, training, testing and predicting with your machine learning model
  • Introduction to the transfer learning and its uses. How to use Transfer Learning with TensorFlow 2.0?

According to the company statement this course is highly demanded machine learning course. The TensorFlow 2.0 course will teach students to use this API for deep learning applications. This training course makes it easy for beginners and experts to use TensorFlow 2.0 for creating machine learning models which can run on desktop, servers, mobile, web, and cloud.

This training course is 7 days online TensorFlow 2.0 framework course which teaches to develop deep learning model from scratch. Developer will be able to learn to get started with the installation, setup and testing of their machine for TensorFlow 2.0 based application development.

This training course can be accessed at company official site at TensorFlow 2.0 Training course section. Students may enrol early for discount in the month of December 2019. Currently the course fee is only $75 or INR 5,000. Enrol for this course by visiting at TensorFlow 2.0 Course – Get training in Tensorflow 2.0 online.