Samsung Galaxy Store update brings long awaited dark mode and One UI redesign


Samsung releases new update for its Samsung Galaxy Store app with long waited dark mode and One UI redesign for this application. Users of Android smartphone can update Samsung Galaxy Store app to get this app on their phone.

The Galaxy Store is Google Play Store like app distribution service run by Samsung to distribute applications for Android phones. The dark mode and One UI redesign was long awaited features. Samsung brings these now with this update.

The Galaxy Store app is used Samsung to distribute apps, games and theming elements for Android devices. Now, the Galaxy Store app released with One UI and the dark mode theme.

This is the official release and finally this gets official dark mode and One UI redesign.

This latest update of Galaxy Store brings overdue features for this app. The First feature is a complete One UI revamp and second is dark theme.

These updates were spotted by SamMobile and Android Police, now at this moment this update is being rolling out for masses. The most loved change for this update is the hamburger menu that slides in from the left side and contains sections for “My Apps.” This menu comes with more sections like updates, wishlist, payment, promotions, and many more. This menu design makes everything more easily accessible.

Samsung is supporting dark mode since Android Pie, later on it is further improved in Android 10. This feature is import for the accessibility and ease of use.