Google launches new News Publisher Center with all new interfaces; here is how you can apply for News approval on new interface?


Google has launched new interface for its Google News Publisher Center, the new interface will allows the publishers to submit and manager their News Publications from this interface. The new interface is combining existing, Google News Publisher Center and Google News Producer. According to Google the new interface will help publishers in managing their news content easily.

Google announced the new interface on Tuesday, at this moment this new interface is live by replacing the old interfaces.

According to the Google release, new Publisher Center is designed in such a way to improve the user experience and functionality. The new Publisher Center will help managing the publications’s branding, content, ads and related inventory in a much easy way.

This interface will help companies having multiple publications in managing their publications in a much easier way. Owen will be able to organize and switch between each property easily and fast. The new News Publisher Center comes with improved collaboration feature that will further simplify the overall process.

The new interface of New Publisher Center is launched in English, Spanish, French, and German; company will expand to more languages soon. But still there is not time-line given by Google for the availability of this interface in other languages. But, we can say Google will soon launch it in other languages.

Highlights of changes:

  • All new interface for managing news inventory
  • Users having multiple publications may switch between publications easily
  • Improved collaboration features added to the system
  • Publishers will be able to use the site section URL instead or RSS to configure sections in Google News.
  • If old Google News Publisher Center or an edition in the former Google News Producer tool, should appear automatically in the new Publisher Center.
  • The new Publisher Center is currently available in English, Spanish, French and German; Google will expand new interface to other languages soon

Here is how you can apply for News approval on new interface?

It is much easier to add new News website for the approval in the new Publisher Center. The new Publisher comes with easy to use interface where you can add your property. You will able to add logo’s of different site, provide contact details, provide summary of your websites, configure the sections and finally submit for approval by accepting the terms & conditions.

Here are the steps:

Add New Publication: First of all you have to create the News Publication by giving a name to it.

Provide the General Information: In this step you have to provide the website generation information like Publication Name, Description, Category, Primary Language, Website property (URL) and other details.

Content: The content details

Images: In this step you have to add big logo 515×512 or bigger size and other small logos. It is must to add the logo now for approval.

Preview and Apply for approval: In this step you can preview your submission, accept terms and finally apply for approval.

Now your publication will be listed in your publisher center and show under review. Once review is done and approved it will start appearing in Google News.