Samsung is rolling out Android 10 updates for Samsung Galaxy S10’s


The public update of Android 10 operating system for Samsung Galaxy S10’s smartphone begins starting from Germany. This update will bring Android 10 operating system to Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone.

The long wait for Android 10 operating system by the users of Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone ends. Now users will be able to update their phone with new Android 10 operating system.

According to the reports this update is rolling out in Germany and slowly available for users of other countries.

Initially, Samsung released Android 10 operating system for owners of Galaxy S10 phones in the Germany as a part of Android 10 beta program. Now final version of Android 10 operating system is available and company is started rolling out for the users in Germany. The OTA download is being available for the users in Germany.

Users who were not part of the Android 10 beta program reporting to get the updates for their Galaxy 10 devices. This update also includes the December 2019 security patch. So, keep your phone secure you must update to this version. Those on the beta program will have downloaded around 140MB of updates. For new users the download size is big and they must download it in the WiFi network only.

Samsung is giving Android 10 operating system update for Galaxy S10 users and this is a good news for the users of this mobile phone. Many are considering this update as new year gift for them.

According to the Company, Galaxy S10 getting the full update by 10 January 2020. For vast majority of people around the world will take some time.

If you are user of Galaxy S10 user in Germany then you can get update by simply going to Settings > Software update in your mobile phone. Here you will find option to start updating your Galaxy S10  phone with new Android 10 update.

Galaxy 10 users in the other parts of the world will get OTA notification once this update is available for you. You can also go to your Settings > Software update in your mobile phone to check the availability of update for your phone.

The Android 10 Operating system is mobile phone operating system from Google which brings new advancements and many features. The main features includes dark theme, Smart reply messaging, enhance location; enhance privacy, artificial intelligence and many more… This operating system comes with the exciting features that no one can wait for. Finally this is available for the users of Samsung Galaxy 10 users.